A community for Jesus-loving adventurers

Cultivating friendship. Living with  purpose. Walking in freedom.

Cultivating friendship.
Living with  purpose.
Walking in freedom.

We are a community of women who thrive on intentional friendships, crave travel, and first and foremost love Jesus. You are not designed to live this life alone. You are designed to have healthy relationships, so you can thrive! Journeying Zion is a place that connects you with other women who will build you up, encourage you, and point you towards Jesus with Biblical truth.
Not only is this an amazing group of women, but we also offer mentoring! Whatever stage of life you're in, we want to help you grow and reach your goals. 
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our heavenly Father loves us abundantly. Jesus died and rose from the dead for our sins. the Holy Spirit is active and working today.

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Vanessa - south africa

Everything started with a simple response to a story on IG. Not thinking anyone will ever reach out. When Carrissa asked me if she could be praying for me, I didn't really know how to respond... All I wanted to do was feel again. Every week she checked in and talked about the Lord. How he loves me and how worthy I am.
For almost my whole life I have been struggling with depression, self-harm, and suicide attempts. I did not think that I would ever be happy again. I have never felt worthy, loved, enough or even good enough for God to even use me. I didn't know God. I knew about Him but I didn't have a relationship with Him. The day I chose to choose Jesus as my Lord and savior, everything changed...maybe not around me but inside of me. I just felt this unexplainable peace.
The way I looked at life and my circumstances changed. I wanted to be like Jesus in every storm. I started to do more research to know God's character. And with all this said; I still get days where I feel depressed, suicidal ect. But the difference is that I don't allow it to define who I am. Nobody said that when you chose Jesus, all of your problems will disappear, but that you will have someone(Jesus) holding your hand throughout the journey. Every day I still need to remind myself who God says I am. The journey might not get easier but your faith grows, and that makes it so worth it to walk through the fire. Holding on to Jesus is the only thing I could do.

Carrissa helped me find Jesus....