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The Zion Tribe is an online community for you to build friendships online and in your own city!  For far too long we haven't had a place to connect, truly deepen our knowledge of Biblical truth, and have fun. My goal is to help you find valuable friendships and walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit daily.

The community you've been praying for is here!

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you've been looking for a community that talks about and teaches you about Holy Spirit, the supernatural, and how to stand in victory against spiritual warfare.

you're tired of feeling like you're doing this walk of faith by yourself and want to meet like-minded women from all over the world!

you want more than the classic Christian coffee date. Rather you want to go see a movie, go hiking, join a candle making class, and take weekend girl trips!

You need women who will encourage you to deepen your faith and help mentor you into deeper depths of Biblical Christianity

The Zion Tribe is for you if....

Ready to have friends who want to adventure and love Jesus?

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Drue - Canada

Journeying Zion has been an answered prayer for me this year! There are girls in here from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Mexico, & the UK - and it keeps growing every day! I have felt God’s leading right to this group and just know that the Holy Spirit is at work here! Almost instantaneously I have felt an intimacy - a desire for everyone to encourage and support one another in our personal walk with Christ; as well as a focus to stay founded on biblical truth by working through Bible studies over zoom together. The girls feel like family and there are so many ladies in different life stages / age brackets who have walked through or are walking through what you may be walking through right now (high school, college, motherhood, professional careers, etc). The Guest Speaker Events in particular is something I look forward to each month! There is so much opportunity in this group and it has provided me with Christian fellowship in areas of the globe I never imagined the possibility of having friendship in. The world has truly shrunk and the unity between Christian women is only becoming stronger in a time where we NEED the support of other Christian’s in our life. I have only good to say about this group. It was only after I stepped out of my comfort zone by joining journeying Zion and the zoom studies that I found this hidden treasure God had set aside for me - and I know he has set aside for you too. A good Christian friendship is a gift from God, and the ladies in journeying Zion is truly that. ♥️

An answered prayer!

Juliana - washington state

The Zion Tribe has help me Grow in so many ways and it been a big blessing. ❤️ The community and the people have just help me grow in all the places I’ve needed to grow.. and also just having so many godly friendships it’s just so beautiful. Like even if the girls are all in different places it’s just such a blessing to be able to have those godly friendships.

I have godly friends!

Sterling - virginia

Carrissa has been called by God to bring Journeying Zion into existence. This is a place of safety, worship, praise & community of the one true living God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. Each woman part of this tribe loves Jesus & Carrissa is the vessel God is using to provide the platform to share in that unconditional love. If you are questioning whether or not to click to join, don't hesitate click the platinum subscription status. You will not regret it :)

A safe community...

Paige - Colorado

I am so grateful that the spirit led me to Journeying Zion. It’s been such a wonderful source for me to not only meet and fellowship with amazing women, but I’m learning a lot and growing in my faith. Bible studies, guest speakers, Kingdom courses and meetups with Godly women. These are just a few of the things you can expect to find at Journeying Zion to help you with your walk with the Lord. I feel closer to God than I ever have.

Closer with Jesus than ever...

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are no promises that there will be another member in your area right away, we highly encourage you to stay in our tribe for multiple reasons. The first one being if a girl does end up joining in your area, you just found a potential new friend! There has to be a first tribe member in every city at some point and who knows who God could bring to the tribe after you join!
Also, you can build great relationships with gals online. There's much value in it! Plus, if you become great friends with a girl somewhere else, it's a great excuse to travel!

What if there aren't girls in my area?

Nope! We have girls all over the world with different ethnicities.

Do i have to be in the united states?

Once purchased there will be no refunds. You can cancel your membership whenever you want to!

DO YOU HAVE A REFUND POLICY and can I canel at any time?

We recommend high school and older! In Titus it talks about the older generations teaching the younger generations. We believe that we can learn from each other through all stages of life! We need different perspectives. Having friends your own age is needed, but the Bible also talks about gaining wisdom from others who have gone before us. We need every age in the body of Christ!

What ages are in the tribe?

Do you have other questions? Feel free to email us at: hello@journeyingzion.com

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