Whether you are new to following Jesus, or have had a relationship with Him for years, this devotional is a must read!  This will encourage you, give you a new perspective, and strengthen your faith in God.

This is a must read for you!  This book is an eye opener.  Understanding healthy and clear boundaries is how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle!  It touches on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries for all aspects of life.



Battlefield of the Mind

S.H.A.P.E: Finding and Fullfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life

Give Me This Mountain

Joseph prince

Dr. Henry Cloud
Dr. John Townsend

Steven Furtick

Joyce Meyer

erik rees

This book draws on the biblical story of Elisha.  It's such an encouragement for us to start living our lives greater!  God wants our lives to be greater.  Being a child of God, our life does not always have to be ordinary! 

S.H.A.P.E. was a book I was required to read during a college course.  It is so good!  If you are looking to unlock your purpose and become more fulfulled I definitely reccomend this book.  This is even one you could go through as a small group!

Attacking thoughts. Anxiety. Depression. Negativity. There is a spiritual battle going on in our minds.  Some seasons it's not bad, and other seasons the thoughts put in our minds can drive us nuts.  In this book, she will help you win the battlefield of your mind!






Apps and Websites

YouVersion Bible App

One Minute Pause App


This is our favorite Bible app!  It has tons and ton of free devotionals, all versions of the Bible, and audio Bible readings.  You can also connect with your friends!

A one minute pause meditation.  So good to use throughout the day to get your focus right!

This app gets you emergency help with the release of a button by giving 911 your exact location.  This is great in dangerous situations!

First 5 App

Hopper App


The Bible Project

The Bible project is an amazing Bible Study resource.  They have a YouTube channel, website, and a podcast.  Their videos are definitely my favorite!  They are very entertaining and you will learn so much.

This is an excellent budgeting tool app and website!  It's completely free.  It's very easy to see all your finances and straighten our your budget. This is laid out in a great format.

This app is for my travelers who are always looking for a great deal!  Hopper analyzes flights, so you can get the best deal.  You put in your dates and it will notify you if you should buy your plane tickets or wait for a better deal.

First 5 is a daily Bible study app from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  There is a different devotional each day, and it's easily formatted.

Mental Health

Our mental health is just as important as our spiritual and physical health.  Please do not neglect it.  These resources are here to help you.  Please reach out and say something if you need help.  It is better for you to seek help, than not attend to what is happening in your mind.  You matter.

"Psychology Today" is a website that has helpful articles written by psychologists and resources about mental health and addictions.  They also have a "find a therapist" database where you can search for therapists and psychiatrists in your area.  This is how I've found my counselors!

Suicide Prevention Lifeline is the national number you can call if you are considering suicide.  My friend, suicide is never the answer!  Reaching out for help is.

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This video is so good and so worth the watch!  I hope it blesses you like it did me.

Pastor, Psychotherapist, and co-sufferer takes on the relationship of mental health and faith.

Supported by current and scientific medical research, Dr. Caroline Leaf shares a plan for better health and wholeness.

This is the Gospel

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