Let's Adventure

Are you ready to adventure with other women?! Whether it's going to a beach over spring break, staying at a cabin and hiking in the fall, or going to Bali for a tropical adventure the dream has always been to give you the opportunity to travel with other Jesus-followers! Travel cultivates and strengthens community in the best way!

Journeying Zion Trips

April 2023 the Zion Tribe is going to the...

Grand Canyon!

Here's the details...

We are spending two days at the Grand Canyon! How exciting! We will be having girls nights in, going out to dinner, and exploring Williams, AZ when we aren't hiking or biking around the canyon.

When: April 27-30th

Where are we staying?
    - Airbnb about 45minutes south of South Rim in Williams, AZ.

How many spots are there?
     - There are 9 spots available. This trip is for Zion sisters only.

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