If you’re going through heartbreak right now, I’m so sorry sister! It could have been a heartbreak because of a breakup, your friend hurt you, or a parent. Whichever one you’re going through, I know they all hurt – badly. 💔 I remember the first time I got my heart broken in a breakup. It […]

Verses for Heartbreak

February 26, 2022


One weekend I flew up to Ohio to go visit my family for my youngest brother’s 6th birthday.  For what I thought was just going to be a normal plane ride, God had different plans. When I walked onto the plane, I saw the man that I would be sitting right next to looked really…rough. My […]

No Ordinary Flight

February 16, 2022


They seem like simple things to do, but I promise they MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 1. Filter what you watch and listen to. There are verses in the Bible that talk about what we see and hear for a reason.  What are you watching and listening to?  If we are being honest with ourselves,  I’m […]

5 Ways to Help Improve Your Mental Health

February 12, 2022

Life, Mental Health

Did you know that when Jesus descended into heaven, the first thing He did was sit down with God?  Even though it doesn’t seem like much when first hearing it, this is an AMAZING gesture that I am so thankful for.   You may be thinking, “Why is Jesus sitting down a big deal?  That’s […]

Jesus Sat Down

September 30, 2021


There are going to be some seasons of your life where you live life perfectly imbalanced. This is something that I had to learn leading up to my launch of Journeying Zion. I was becoming really stressed because working on this project thew my life “off balance” for about 3 months. For those 3 months […]

How can I live my life balanced? | Perfectly Imbalanced

March 26, 2021


Don’t we all want to be blessed?! Blessed in our finances, our passions, our dreams. Blessed at our jobs, with our friends, with our relationships, and with amazing opportunities. Blessed in the waiting. I’ve always wanted that! Guess what, God wants that for you too! He wants to give you good gifts and bless you in all areas of your life.

I Wanna be #Blessed

March 17, 2021